2021 - a year later and the situation in Denmark is still terrible

I cannot believe that it has almost been a year since I wrote the last time in my blog.


It has been a terrible year. First my bar was closed for months. Actually there were times when I doubted whether it would reopen. The rent does not pay itself and the audit firm took more money for calculating the compensation that the state could offer in compensation but I emptied the bar, sold the alcohol online and took a job as delivery man for some months. Luckily the landlord where the bar is located saw my situation and understood that audit firms like Beierholm are overpriced.


So the bar did slowly open up when it was almost summer. Many of the customers had suffered without their social network. For many the bar is the closest they come to finding relatives and they had to sit isolated. I attended several funerals during the year. Not because people got Covid-19. No they died of loneliness. Their bodies simply gave up when they just sat home without anyone visiting them or without any purpose to leave their apartments.


The bar is up and running again but we will never have the same level of activity as before the pandemic. I know in my heart that the good times are over. For generations to come it will be important to focus on what is near and forget the rest of the world. We do not need to travel to other countries. They do not deserve our money. They must, like we learned the hard way, learn to fend for themselves and live without tourism. We need to stick together. This week the central regime in Copenhagen announced that they will shut down the nightlife due to some new variant from South Africa. See! That is the crazy part. Who will ever go down there? It is a country where criminals like Britta Nielsen hide. Since they allowed ANC and the corruption that followed this party to take over, there is no future for this country. You only go there if you want to hide.

The same was with the previous Delta variant. India has fallen in to a society with mass rape and social chaos since the British left. Why go there?


When people go abroad, they can drag dangerous virus back to Denmark and that is what happened.


So the nightlife is over, but this time we at my bar is ready. We have set up online drinking sessions using Zoom so I as bar-owner and my customers can connect. People should not sit alone and as a proud Dane drinking with my social network on online session will preserve what little quality of life, we have left.


But other than that, 2021 was really a hard year. No place on Earth did any population suffer as much as we Danes. I really hope that we in the years to come remember that winter means mouth masks and social distance and summer means that we can connect face-to-face but most important. Stay at home inside Denmark if we want to travel.

So goodbye to 2021 a year which I hope will never come again and welcome to a future where we focus on our local community and to reconnect with friends and family only.