Concern about disturbing news at Diamond Ranch Academy

I just learned that this Academy was hit by a lawsuit. Apparently they noticed an employee acting improper and violating the personal space of the students. He was warned against his actions.


And that was it.


The management of the school did nothing to prevent that it happened again and now a girl sent to the academy feel violated. The parents have launced the lawsuit. I hope that the lawsuit will mean that there will be proper inspections of treatment facilities in Utah. It has been lacking for many years. The interest of workplaces are regarded as better compared with the safety of the children.


This time no teenager died but in the past two students have lost their lives at Diamond Ranch Academy.


There are also a teacher who was arrested for illegal material involving children on his computer. He was put away for more than 30 years.


Why has Diamond Ranch Academy been allowed to operate as they have done since they were raided in Idaho and forced to re-locate in Utah?


Are local jobs so important compared with the welfare of children?