Inhumane boarding school conditions in Denmark

My RSS feeder on my mail program send me the news from a human rights organization named "Domestic Prisoners of Conscience" where they speak about the boarding school on Fyen named Bernstorffsminde Efterskole.

An amount of alcohol and tobacco was found on the property of the boarding school. The employees then detained the students for hours without access to legal aid or even the right to phone their legal guardians - their parents.


In Denmark the police can detain you but you have right to legal counsel. This right was denied to the students. We are talking of basic human rights.


More than 40 students were suspended and more than 10 were expelled in the end.


I have to say that no child of mine will ever go to one of those boarding schools before they are regulated properly. I am ashamed that my tax-money partly support those schools.


The department of education in Denmark fails to supervise. Not only do we see that some schools restrict the students access to phones and social media during the first weeks of the school year. We have also seen teachers forcing students to go out on the ocean on icy waters resulting in life-long injuries when the boat capsized.


But denying students access to legal counseling when the risk of being expelled are on the table is simply too much.


Working in the night entertainment industry we always honor the rule that what happens in my bar, stays in my bar regardless of who asks the questions. What other students do cannot be anything the individual students should concern themselves with. It is not the responsability for the individual student to inform the school administration about the conduct of other students.


The schools actions are wrong on so many parameters. I hope they close.