A girl missing

So when I opened my mailbox this morning, I saw a post about a girl who is missed by her friends.


It seems that the parents disapprove of her boyfriend so they had her removed to some kind of boot camp styled ranch most likely in Arizona.


I have to ask. Where do you find parents who approve of the boyfriend their daughter will date? It is very seldom.


It is hard to let a teenager go. I had a relative living at my place when his father was stationed abroad and we had our conflicts.


While I disapproved of many of his actions they were not severe enough for me to put him in some kind of private detention or even worse put him on a plane to his father so he would lose out important years in the Denmark in our superior youth culture.


I have to say. I cannot understand this father. The girl named Ellie Parker from Corvallis in Oregon might have made a better choice for a boyfriend but it is her life and if the parents had just a little trust in the manners and teaching they had provided her, they would also had kept her home.



See: Ellie Parker from Oregon is missing



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