School shooting in Newtown

I am in loss over the many innocent lives. I can only hope that their president will allow the teachers to arm themselves to avoid similar tragic events like this in the future.

Many speak of tougher gun laws but living in a country like Denmark I will urge you to consider this. I believe that the only reason for Denmark to have such tough weapon regulation is based on the historical fact that we once were very close to be invaded in 1948 while there were many traitors armed and ready to put our government out of control and aid the invaders.


But the so-called safety provided by the weapon laws in Denmark is false. What the strict weapon control have given us is basically victim disarmament. People are still stabbed to death. Our prisons are overcrowded with youth gang members of non-Danish ethnic origins, some bikers and a lot of people from Eastern Europe coming up here armed with AK-47's now where Denmark has no border control due to our EU membership so they can commit home invasions.


An elderly woman was strangled to her death by two young men from Romania. A young man was stabbed to death by a man from Somalia. An only 12 year old boy was shot in crossfire between two youth gangs.


It sounds like a society where you should be allowed to lock your house and guard it with a sub-machine gun, but sadly it is not allowed here in Denmark. I have sold things of value and I rarely leave my house beside for job reasons. I work in a high risk area serving in bar and I have to live in insecurity. That is the effects of stricter gun control. The criminals will always have weapons.


To politicians in the state of Connecticut: Don't destroy the memory of these kids to aid your own political agenda. It is not a question whether the shooter had too easy access to weapons. The only thing we can concern us selves about is to pray and support the families in grief. There is only little over a week to Christmas which should have been a day of celebration. Now it is a nightmare for the families of those who perished.


I will pray for those who have lost their beloved familymembers.

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