I am still here

Well it has been a while. I am still working in a bar. My education has been put on hold. Knightsbridge University has been forced to close due to bureaucrats over in Copenhagen who wants to keep higher education for the selected few.

I am kind of disappointed about the society I am a part of. It seems that only the kids from rich families are entitled to education in Denmark.

But I have my work and it is more than most people have right now in Denmark, so while I am disappointed I am also kind of relieved that I am not unemployed. We know who to blame for the hard times. It is those lazy people in the southern part of Europe who hasn’t known a full day of work in their lives.

They had responsible politician reaching out to them for the last four decades but they just don’t want to work and now their laziness is costing us because we are member of the European Union. I of course will vote “Yes” to having Denmark leaving the European Union right now, but I fear that the Danish politicians are afraid to ask us.

Well I will write much more later. Now I have to go to work.

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