My new year wish

2011 is over. What woud I wish for 2012.


First and foremost I wish more unhappiness to the outside world. For people like me there are no more early retirement because our parliament changed the age of retirement. 


We are even not allowed to save money for our retirement because if we do they will reduce the retirement money with the amount you have saved. It is not something with characterize a welfare state.


The amount of suffering we Danes are exposed to is not fair. People in other countries have it too easy. They need some suffering. Some kind of disaster so we would have something to laugh off so we can forget all the suffering our government have put os through.


We need to protect our jobs. 2011 was the year where I had to reconsider my future. I have studied for years in order to work with information technoligies and now that path is no longer possible because CSC imported poor people from India to work in Denmark for a cup of rice. Education doesn't pay in that business so I dropped out and is now working in a bar.


I have wasted some years on my education where I could have worked full time. I blame the labor unions for not protecting the interest of the members and the Danish government for having sold their departments of to CSC.


The only way I can be comforted is to watch suffering abroad, so that's why I hope that 2012 will give us something like that.


Happy New Year

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