Don't support women centers

I just learned that Lindsay Lohan was jailed in violation for her probation. In fact the only thing she did wrong was that the probation department reassigned her to another charity.


It seems that certain charities have a special status by the judges. If I remember the Kids-for-Cash scandal correctly it was certain treatment programs and certain jails which paid the judges a lot of money to get clients to their business.


If I was a politician in the L.A. area, I would demand an audit of this women center. Something is wrong when one charity is more popular than another charity by the courts.


As for now I would ask of all readers that they stop putting time into women centers until this case has been completely solved.


Maybe it is unfair that all women centers pay for the actions of the L.A. downtown women center, but we must all stop any kind of corruption worldwide, so I have no problem punishing a women center in another country.

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