Parenting - difficult, ungrateful job - but important

So now I am a parent - sort as. My cousin Søren is living at my place renting a room.


It's a long story but his parents had to work in the United States and school abroad - especially the rural parts - is not even near the standard we are used to in Denmark, so he had to find another option.


He could have been sent to a boarding school but it could have made him wierd so we had to join forces as a family and aid something to his future. I had to the room so he is living at my place.


When you live so close and has the responsibility as the oldest person, it will end up in conflicts.


Søren has just started in the Gymnasium - our high schools. In his head it is all about hanging out and getting drunk. I know different because I had been there just a few years ago. To his frustation I know all his tricks and excuses.


Sometime it wears me down. I have been that close to throw him out, but I am no coward and I know the alterntative. I just have to stick with my job towards him and in due time I also think that he would thank me.


I volunteer for a human rights organization. One of the cases is about a 15 year old girl from Hillsboro in Oregon, who is risking to be sent to a correctional boarding school named "Academy at Sisters" by her parents.


They are properly as frustrated as I am with Søren, but I will never understand how they just can give up. Søren is my family. Everything else will have to be given up before I give up a member of my family.

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