Despite teens being killed off parent continue to banish their children to programs

A months ago a 16 year old girl wrote into the Fornits message board and asked for help.


Due to poor grades her parents had decided to banish her to a kind of correctional boarding school, so she could sit in front of a computer all day without teacher and take her high school degree very fast.


It is reading a text and then being quizzed by the computer. Once the score is above the limit, the student can read the next text and then start the on-line quiz again.


Normally you have to have something very bad before you are locked up for a entire school year, but this extreme punishment seems to be about poor grades only.


Due to the nature of the Fornits posters she didn't get the help she needed and in fact the so-called help set her back.


Now a group on Facebook is about her only and her banishment which start next week.


Let us pray that she get released very soon. The school which is called The Academy at Sisters seems to be a tough place where the girls are sent out in the woods once they arrive to work on trails until they have no defense left and will behave like the robots people need to be in order to take their high school in that way.


It is odd that family still are ready to pay for residential treatment which is quiet dangerous to minors. The victim list had two new names on it.



The Faceboook group

Minors in residential placement should be safe about this case

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