Concerns for my future

There was some months where I was concerned with my future. As you have been reading in previous blogs I study at a small university because a high number of foreign students, who have the advantage that they get better grades than Danish students can get the good places in our schools, while we Danes have to endure unbelievable torment by attending schools out in the countryside.


The reason that foreign students are getting better grades is that you according to the old grade scale in Denmark had to make an outstanding and never seen before achievement in order to get an A. Still today teachers forget that Denmark has changed their grade system so it is more alike the grade scale in other countries, so the grade A is handed out twice as often abroad than in Denmark. The old Danish A was something like the American A+++ grade. How often is this one handed out?


This candy store abroad means that Danish employers are hesitant by hiring foreigners because their schooling are not as tough as the Danish schools are.


What is wrong with going to school out in the countryside? In Denmark we have a term for areas outside the major cities. It is called the rotten Banana. It is places in Denmark where there are no night clubs or breakfast restraurants students can attend on weekly basis, so they can socialize without alcohol.


Faced with such an wickedness some Danish students like me decide that we rather would pay for unaccredited education than leaving your family and friends to study in a misanthropic environment.


The previous minister for research and development Helge Sander want to stop my university because it is not accredited. Lucky for me our prime minister Lars Lykke Rasmussen decided to change his employees and we have a new person in charge.


So maybe I am lucky for the second time while attending the Danish education system. I also managed to graduate in time so I avoided doing community service, which is another new harsh enslavement act the politicians have decided to torment high schoolers with.


Community service is an act which should be reserved to the penal system only but unfortunately our politicians wants to label the entire youth generation as criminals by forcing them to do the time before they have committed the crime.


Sometime I have doubts in our system regardless of the fact that I have been lucky so far.

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