Camilla Broe can return home

Today the court finally ruled that she was exonerated of all charges so she can return home to her daughter.


It is a good day for democracy and the Danish nation. There are tons of blog-entries and newspaper articles have created a conspiracy theory about some Danish and U.S. officials who wanted to test the Danish anti-terrorism law so they found an old case where a single Danish mother had turned some drug smugglers in when she discovered that the firm she worked for was a cover for the smugglers.


The U.S. officials went down to the prison and offered the smugglers plea bargains if they turned against her which they of course did and then the case started.


Whether all these conspiracy theories are correct or not, I don't know but something is wrong when a woman can endure 3 years of trials in two countries and jail for more than a year in two countries before a judge finds out that there was never a case.


I find it shameful and we as Danes must demand that all those persons involved in this case should loose their jobs. Only then we can trust our justice system again.


It is just beyond belief. There never was a crime. It was only a show-off for the laywers.

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