Our welfare state is challenged

Our welfare state is challenged and the citizens who will pay is both the future tax payers and the present one once they retire.


The present taxpayers can see how they will suffer if their health decline as there are huge cut back being conducted right now. There are almost no employees back in our hospitals. The only one which remain are all the bureaucrats moving papers around. The doctors and nurses responsible for the hands-on care are fired.


The present taxpayers have learned that they will be asked to turn and reuse their diapers if their only have made number one as it has been seen in our nursing homes already.


The future taxpayers face the new enslavement act. They are asked to give some of their free time as community service because our health care system is close to failing apart. Many I have spoken with have to drop out of their high school because the pressure of education and community service leave them inadequate time to have a life and make it through the studies. As they are unable to graduate due to this new invention, dropping out is the only possible answer.


It doesn't add up. People in need have to settle with help from high school students instead of professionals.


Denmark had a perfect system but now it is destroyed. I am somehow happy that I am finished with the high school. I would also have to quit the studies if the demand of doing voluntary work or community service had been existing back then.

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