Now Vanzetti has been revenged

Over at the University I met this Italian guy who studies here in Aarhus. He was overjoyed.


I asked into why he was so happy.


His answer:


"Finally we got revenge for Vanzetti".


He spoke of an American student - a certain Amanda Knox who has been kind of framed for a murder down in Italy based on the newspapers here in Denmark.


But who was Vanzetti?


I looked at Wikipedia and while it cannot be a source throughout all, I learned that he was a guy who was toasted in the electric chair after a trial where the evidence had the same standard as the case against Amanda Knox.


Based on the evidence we have today, he would have been exonerated, but like it was with another case involving a foreigner in a U.S. trial - Louise Woodward - it was first years later that the forensic evidence was good enough to their the accused of all the charges.


Maybe it is just me. Sentencing a person in a foreign prison system based on revenge for a case decades old seems to be odd.


But in Denmark we have the Camilla Broe case. It is a case against a former police agent where everybody denies responsibility. Both the DEA in the United States and our minister of jutice blame the other part for having started the extradition.


Nothing seems to surprise me anymore.

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