Did the United States scare Denmark?

Yesterday December 10, 2009 the Danish parliament had planned a hearing in the Camilla Broe case.


This hearding was suddenly cancelled with no explanation.




Rumors state the reason was an extreme pressure from authorities in the United states. The Danish parliament had no other choice but to give up.


It is sad because there were a lot of evidence that perjury had been committed by an Agent from the DEA during the pretrial process against Camilla Broe.


A testimony stated that it was the Minister of Justice in Denmark who at the time was Lene Espersen, who ordered the DEA to seek extradition using the Danish court system. A system which works rather slow due to a reform process activated by the same Minister of Justice. That's why Camilla Broe could be risking a conviction for a alleged crime which is more than 10 years old.


But the problem with that testimony was that the statement of the DEA agent was denied by a spokesperson from the justice department in Denmark. This spokesperson stated that the testimony from the DEA agent was wrong. Because the statement was given under oath it must be considered to be an act of perjury.


So the Danish public is now wondering why this hearing was cancelled. However the reason is very clear. If the hearing confirmed that the statement of the Agent was in fact perjury, it could be interpreted as an act of Anti-Americanism and it is not what Denmark needs right now.


It is well-known that the actions of Italy in the Amanda Knox case rightfully was interpreted as such, but Denmark is not Italy. Denmark does not bribe Taliban in Afghanistan. We fight for democracy abroad.


So scared of the American reaction the Danish parliament decided not to go forward with the hearing.


It is fair to state that our fight for democracy abroad has resulted in a loss of democracy at home?

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