Moving into a new apartment

Today I moved into my new apartment.


It has been a crazy summer. Originally I wanted to study at the university in Aarhus but too many foreign students in Denmark have pushed the grades up.


I also lost my grade bonus because I come from a working class family. I had to work full time for two years because my family could not support me past my high school (Gymnasium). Student loans are very expensive in the bank my family use as a tradition and like most Danes even the thought of changing the bank would be inconceivable, so I had no choice but to work full time.


The government in Denmark wants to maintain the social order so they introduced a system some years ago where you can multiply your grades by 1.08 if your family can support you so you can start study at the university just after High School. The official reason was to reduce the number of students choosing to take a gap year they could get degree and become tax paying citizens faster. Unofficial we are able to see that the consequence is that youth coming from the working class where a period of work is necessary to raise money for the education are kept out.


Of course some aid system exist for students with no funds in Denmark. You can get a smaller amount every month from the State but this amount is too small to support a modern student who has to pay for the often overprized books at the universities. The prizes are so high because the salery of the teachers are so low that they are 100 percent dependent of the income.


I would have been forced to live like back in the days when the eastern Europe was under communists control in a college sharing kitchen and bath. Today no native Danish student in his or her right mind would live like that. They prefer to have their own apartment often purchased by their parents.


But my grades were not high enough and I was informed that I had to study in Odense, which is very far from where I live. So for a couple of month I thinked about choosing another line of work. It would be unthinkable to live another part of Denmark where people even speak different and then this specific town are torn by violence - burning cars and all. Here in Aarhus all violence is confined to a specific neigborhood in the western part of the town.


But just before I was ready to give up I searched the web and found a smaller university not so far from Aarhus called Knightbridge University where I study now.


Then by sure luck I found a cheap apartment not far from night clubs.


My life is back on track again.

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